Could Your Gut Health Be Causing Your Weight Gain?

Erin Fenstermacher
6 min readDec 9, 2021

Could your poop be related to your weight? It sure can. Our knowledge about the microbiome is increasing day by day, and we are finding that it has a lot to do with our waistlines. The microbiome refers to the bacteria that make up your gut and help you to digest your food. We used to think that these microorganisms were separate from us, but now we are finding they are deeply connected with our biology. We are actually composed of 10 trillion bacteria but only 1 trillion human cells! You are more bacteria than human! We have 23,000 genes but our gut carries over 3…

Erin Fenstermacher

Former Integrative medicine and Obesity medicine physician. Integrative Wellness Coach. Health writer.